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Updates to inFlow Cloud

We’re constantly improving the inFlow Cloud experience and we generally update the system on Tuesday evenings (EST). If we expect any downtime, we’ll update our status page to let you know.

The good news is your subscription includes all of the updates and fixes we release. Here’s how to make sure you’re in the latest and greatest version of inFlow Cloud:

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November 30, 2021

November 9, 2021

Stuff we’ve fixed:

  •  inFlow’s DYMO integration should not count towards your integration limits.
  •  We sped up cost adjustments on serialized products with long histories.
  •  We fixed a Showroom order issue that could occur when a product had the same purchasing and sales unit of measure applied in different ratios.
  •  WooCommerce products where “Enable stock management at product level” is turned off will no longer update quantities.
  •  We fixed a Smart Scanner issue on the Add Stock and Remove Stock screens that prevented you from scanning your barcoded products.
  •  We fixed a crash that could occur when you try to email a PO with unsaved changes.

October 27, 2021

General improvements:

  •  You can now import pictures into inFlow via CSV import, provided each picture has its own URL.
  •   You can now set blank pricing schemes on mobile (Tip: if a product’s pricing scheme is blank on an order, inFlow will use its default pricing scheme)
  •  You can now sign into inFlow using an existing Xero account
  •   While picking a serialized product, the button for “Select next X” serial numbers is now larger and easier to tap.
  •   You can now auto-pick a range of serial numbers based on the amounts in your purchase order (this already works for sales orders).

Stuff we’ve fixed:

  •  We fixed a back-end issue that kept some Showroom orders from being placed (even though inFlow said the order was placed).
  •  We fixed an issue with Shopify error messages not providing enough detail to help with troubleshooting.

October 21, 2021

General improvements:

  •  You can now print credit notes in the web app.

Stuff we’ve fixed:

  •  inFlow Pay now shows as a payment method on Customer Payment History.
  •  Low stock notifications can now be enabled for Sunday.
  •   Activating the same billing and shipping address toggle will no longer clear both addresses after you save.
  •  We’ve improved error messaging for invalid passwords.
  •  Assign-to notification emails are now sent when a sales order is created through the inFlow API.
  •   You can now filter the product list by serialized products.

October 13, 2021

General improvements:

  •  You can now change costing methods from the web app.
  •  Each inFlow database is now limited to one import at a time (this prevents multiple large imports on one database from affecting the performance of others).

Stuff we’ve fixed:

  •  We’ve streamlined how we process imports so that each inFlow database has its own import queue (so nobody holds anybody else up).
  •  Showroom orders will no longer throw an error for products with a blank sales unit of measure (UoM).
  •   Typing into the Unit of Measure field on an order will now default to the most relevant UoM (Sales or Purchasing) instead of the Standard UoM.
  •   The Unit of Measure will no longer reset to Standard UoM if the value temporarily reaches 0 while you edit the field.
  •  We fixed a Squarespace polling issue that could stop orders from being pulled into inFlow for some customers.
  •   Low stock emails will no longer be sent for non-stocked products.
  •  We fixed an issue that kept custom documents from connecting to the inFlow data source.
  •  Selecting the PO Ship-to address will no longer cause a crash if there is no location set on the order.
  •  Customer emails with a leading or trailing space will no longer cause issues when pushing records to QuickBooks Online
  •  QuickBooks Online errors weren’t including the order numbers in the error messages (making them harder to troubleshoot).
  •  QuickBooks Online and Xero integration errors will now update any order numbers included in the error messages.
  •  QuickBooks Online and Xero now push just one record at a time (to avoid possible sync issues).
  •  Your Showroom will now use the Sales UoM if you choose to display how much you have in stock.
  •  You’ll no longer see a broken image when fulfilling an order through the status circles (the little circles on the left side of each product line).

September 29, 2021

  Serial numbers are now on mobile

It’s too late for breakfast, but there’s always time for serial!

We’ve taken the full serialized product workflow in the web and Windows apps and brought it over to mobile.
As of today you can generate or scan serial numbers, pick or receive serialized products, and view serial numbers on orders—all from your smartphone.

And as a bonus, you can now create and print labels for serials!

 Restrict sales reps

This feature actually comes in two parts. First of all, you can now manage which team members are sales reps at your business. This is available on all plans.

And here’s the second part. On select inFlow plans you can restrict sales reps to only their designated customers and sales orders.

This means that a restricted sales rep won’t be allowed to see orders that belong to another sales rep, only their own. It’s a great new feature for managing sales teams and controlling access to orders and data.

To see if your plan is eligible for Restrict sales rep, just head to the Account page and head to the Sales reps tab.

September 21, 2021

 inFlow + EasyPost help you manage shipping from one place

Please note: We’ve added a lot of great features in this release, so we highly recommend updating inFlow Cloud on all of your devices to make sure everything syncs properly.

If you ship orders out on a regular basis, you’re going to save hours each week by handling your whole shipping workflow in inFlow.

Here are a few of the great new features enabled by our partnership with EasyPost:

  • • Shop rates for multiple carriers from right inside inFlow.
  • • Fill out parcel size, weight, and customs details.
  • • Print labels, packing slips, and customs documents all at once.
  • • Automatically email tracking numbers to your customers.

Check out our EasyPost blog post to learn more about our new shipping features.

Or if you’re really excited, just head to the Company Settings page of the web app to get started.

September 14, 2021

General improvements:

  •  CSV exports and imports for sales orders and purchase orders now include the SKU column.
  •  The settings for QuickBooks Online tax mappings have been moved to the sales and purchase order push sections.
  •  We’ve expanded the number of words (ex. Product, Products, ItemName) that can automatically map to the Product Name column for importing.

Stuff we’ve fixed:

  •  The option to “Export These Customers” works properly again.
  •  Special tax rates no longer prevent you from adding a product to the return line of an SO or PO.
  •  A negative Global Quantity will no longer stop a work order from being completed, as long as the selected WO location has enough stock.
  •  The web app will no longer ask you to buy an inFlow plan if you’ve already purchased an inFlow plan.
  •  Links from inFlow Cloud for Windows will no longer crash when you load them up in your browser.
  •  Reorder quantity will now default to 0 instead of saying “null”.

August 24, 2021

  Xero accounting integration (Early Access)

The number of Xero integrations in inFlow has increased to one!

We’re still putting the finishing touches on this integration, but it’s ready for broader testing.

Our Xero integration will save you time: just enter information into inFlow as usual and we’ll take care of pushing the relevant data to Xero.

More specifically, here’s what you’ll be able to do:

  • push sales and purchase orders
  • push inventory value—including adjustments, cost of goods sold (COGS), and assets
  • map inFlow’s taxing schemes to Xero

Want to try the Xero integration? Just head to the Integrations tab in the web app to get started.

August 17, 2021

Stuff we’ve fixed:

  •  We fixed an issue where existing Showroom users were not able to login successfully when invited to inFlow.
  •  We’ve improved our integration error messaging to help you fix possible errors.
  •  Line breaks are working properly again in the web app.