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Typing out orders takes time. It can also introduce mistakes. Scanning is lightning fast, with far less chance of error. Many businesses want to use barcodes, but hesitate due to time constraints or cost. The truth is that barcoding is achievable for businesses of any size at any time. And it’s easier than you think to get started.

Use existing barcodes or generate your own

Barcodes are only useful when they’re connected to your products. If your vendor ships products with UPCs, EANs or any 1D barcodes, inFlow can help you make that connection quickly.

If you don’t have any barcodes yet, you can generate new ones in a few clicks. You can then print them as DYMO labels or stick them onto shelves for scanning.

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Here is how a barcode system can help you.

How to set up a barcode system | inFlow Inventory software

Turn smartphones into scanners

Bluetooth or USB scanners work well with inFlow, but you don’t need to buy new scanners to get started. You can use powerful iPhone and Android apps to receive, fulfill, or transfer stock with devices you already own.  

And if you want to combine the functionality of a mobile app with the precision of a real laser scanner, our Smart Scanner does just that.

Barcode software features

Easy setup

Multiple barcodes per product
Print labels
Auto-generate barcodes

Everyday scanning

Check stock
Receive stock
Pick and ship

Supported hardware

inFlow Smart Scanner
USB and wireless scanners
iPhone and Android apps

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