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Cut down on double entry,
centralize inventory in inFlow.

If you sell across multiple ecommerce platforms, tracking stock is tedious and time-consuming work that can take hours.

inFlow’s integrations with ecommerce stores and QuickBooks can save your business hours each week. Or you can use the inFlow API to develop your own custom solutions.

Centralize your ecommerce inventory 

Pull sales straight into inFlow from Amazon, WooCommerce. And if you use Shopify or Squarespace, you can also push updated stock levels back to your store.

Make your own connections through our API

For apps and services that inFlow doesn’t integrate with yet, there’s the API. Your developers can use it to read or write data from inFlow’s database. So you can do things like: pull customer data into inFlow from a CRM, or send order information to a shipping service.

If you’d like to see what inFlow’s API is capable of, full API documentation is available.

Make your accountant’s life easier

Take back the time spent on double entry: inFlow can push sales and purchases, cost of goods sold (COGS), and inventory value to QuickBooks Online.

Trust inFlow with your inventory and you can get up-to-date financials in QuickBooks, too.

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