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Run a lean business with inFlow

It’s expensive to carry inventory, but you need to keep enough stock to fulfill orders quickly. Finding that right balance is tough. It’s easy to order too little and disappoint customers, or order too much up and tie up your cash. inFlow keeps your inventory and your orders, giving you clarity and context in one place. You can compare supply to demand and reorder the right quantities, ahead of time. Once you have the right perspective, it’s a lot easier to find that perfect inventory balance.

Improve your shelf confidence

Inventory checks take up valuable work hours. inFlow shows you what’s in stock, what’s been reserved, and what’s on order. And reorder points help you stay proactive about restocking before you ever run out.

When your inventory is available across all of your computers, laptops and tablets, you can make confident business decisions from anywhere.

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Generate inventory records while you work

Good, accurate data helps you see your business in the big picture. But it’s tough to collect that data while you get your regular work done.

inFlow creates records every time you receive and fulfill orders from your computer or smartphone. Cost and profit are recorded, too. So you’ll create reliable records just by working and have all the data you’ll need to plan the right next step.

I used to be asked by my boss, at the worst times I might add, “How much stock do we have right now?” And I’d give a guesstimate, sometimes close, some times I was way off, as I had to answer right away.

Those days are gone thankfully, as now at any given moment I can not only give an exact stock count, but I can tell if more is needed to order and how much.

Inventory control software features

Organize products

Full product list
Product categories
Product photos
Serial numbers
Units of measure
Deactivate products


Barcode support
Generate barcode numbers
Print barcode labels

Pricing and costing

Pricing schemes
Multiple currencies
Bulk price changes

Stock tracking

Multiple locations
Stock adjustments
Stock transfers


Low stock emails
Reorder points
One-click PO generation


Work orders / kitting
Bill of materials (BOM)
Assembly cost tracking

If you have inventory, inFlow can help 

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