Smart accessories for your Smart Scanner.

Everything you need to make managing your inventory even easier.

Case with hand strap

Add extra protection to the Smart Scanner and make it easier to hold.

Pistol grips

Built for long work days, these pistol grips make the Smart Scanner even more ergonomic. You’ll have more control and experience less fatigue.

Pistol Grip

This ergonomic pistol grip holds the inFlow Smart Scanner securely and makes scanning even easier. Just pull the trigger to scan products.

Battery Pistol Grip

This battery grip offers another two to three days of battery life while providing the same ergonomic advantages of our pistol grip.

Charging docks

Charging docks ensure your Smart Scanner is always charged and always ready for action.

Charging dock for Pistol Grip

Easily recharge your Smart Scanner while it’s still secured in the pistol grip. This cradle works with both the battery pistol grip and regular pistol grip.

Charging dock for Smart Scanner

Recharge your Smart Scanner by simply setting it down on the desk. The phone is held upright for easy access—so you can get back onto the floor at any time.

Upgrade your Smart Scanner with accessories


Perfect for people who want to maintain a slim but durable Smart Scanner setup.

Pistol and Battery Grips

Add a grip and dedicated trigger to your Smart Scanner. Great for long shifts or high-volume scanning.


Sometimes you need to rest, so you may as well charge the Smart Scanner while you do.