Print barcode labels directly from inFlow Cloud

inFlow + DYMO make label creation easy.

What is the LabelWriter 450?

The DYMO LabelWriter 450 is a a compact thermal label printer. It never needs ink and prints 53 labels per minute at 300 dpi resolution. That means you’ll get sharp labels that are easy to read and scan, without slowing down your work day.

Printing labels doesn’t get much easier than with inFlow and DYMO.

How does inFlow work with DYMO printers?

You can import templates created in DYMO’s software to print new labels right from inFlow. These custom labels could be used for pricing, marking locations, or adding barcodes.

Barcode labels for products

Easily include a scannable barcode on any product. You can create your own barcode or use existing ones – the choice is yours.

Print price stickers

Have a store? Need to create professional price stickers for your shelves? Do it easily with inFlow Cloud and DYMO.

Location stickers

Get yourself organized by printing bin and location stickers.